Barangay Profiles


Barangay Officials

  • Barangay Chairman: Cirilo B. Arellano
  • Kagawad:
    1. Ricky A. Licos
    2. Carlos L. Espero
    3. Richard A. Mayo
    4. Jose N. Valdez
    5. Rochelle N. Nebres
    6. Albert B. Valmores
    7. Victoriano N. Marcella
  • SK Chairman: 
  • Secretary: Gabby Q. Dingle
  • Treasurer: Rexzander A. Marinas


Land Area:  155.82 hectares

Population:  923

No. of Households:  205

IRA:  Php 1,214,128.00


Barangay Lisqueb is one of the forty seven barangays comprising the Municipality of Bacnotan, La Union which is situated at the southern part of the Municipality. On the north is bounded by Barangay Nagsaraboan, on theeast Barangay Zaragosa. On the west Barangay Bacsil and on the south by Barangay Quidem, San Juan, La Union. It is about three kilometers away from the Poblacion.

The word Lisqueb was derived long time ago when people used to live in this place called "LISLISAN" the main reason is because people always roll the sleeves of their trousers. The people living in this community were shy and fearful. During the Spanish and Japanese time people always hide or we term it as "COMLUEB" in the Ilocano dialect whenever they see soldiers and new faces who used to pass by in the community. 
Its name then, was associated with the words "LISLISAN" and "COMLUEB". The first three letters of the word Lislisan which is LIS and the last four letters of Comlueb which is LUEB. During the Spanish time, the letter "Q" is often used, with this, they change the letter "L" into "Q" making the name "LISQUEB". And the community was then called as Barangay Lisqueb.