Barangay Profiles


Barangay Officials

  • Barangay Chairman: Revelina C. Almojuela
  • Kagawad:
    1. Myrna A. Buccat
    2. Nedie A. Casugay
    3. Felix O. Almojuela Jr.
    4. Lorna O. Riñon
    5. Roberto A. Buccat
    6. Restituto P. Oreiro
    7. Fredelito A. Oreiro
  • SK Chairman: 
  • Secretary: Donna Liezel B. Nigos
  • Treasurer: Racquel P. Oreiro


Land Area:  147.02 hectares

Population:  305

No. of Households:  83

IRA:  Php 949,386.00


In the western part of the peaceful town of Bacnotan, Province of La Union, there situates  a plain with a hill on its northern side, a river in the south and an ocean in the west. From stories told from past generations, the name Mabanengbeng 1st came about from a favorite pastime of our old folks during their time. They found pleasure in building “fences” in practically the whole boundary of their territories thereby folks from the adjacent places told them “beng-beng da la nga beng-beng” (they keep on buiding fences). So from then the place was called MABANENGBENG. Why is there an attached 1st first to the name? Inhabitant in the past generation in the place where situated away far away from one another. Some flocked in the east and the others in the west. It is not wise to call an assembly with this kind of distance situation thereby conceived the division of the place into two independent barangays, one from the east, which is now Mabanengbeng 1st , and the other in the west, Mabanengbeng 2nd.

In the past decades, this barangay was in fact a quite and a sleeping barangay in Bacnotan. The road dusty and there was no electric power to brighten the place. Life was so simple then with the peoples occupation of plain fishing and farming. Despite this simplicity and hardships, the people were able to surpass these obstacles.

Now, with the present leadership much have been done to help in the community development and progress of the place. An electric power was put up and the road was concretized making the people easily move from one place to another and indeed have made their lives lived better and more comfortable. The occupation of farming and fishing are still being continued by some of the folks as some have already purchased their modern farming equipments, from hand tractors to tresers which helped them much to make their farm jobs easier. Some also have welcomed the promises of foreign jobs, many of whom have landed as OFW’s, being seamen in particular. Some too have migrated in the US and tried to find their luck there as they come often during holidays as “balikbayans”. Indeed, all of these assured the families of the place to live a more comfortable life and a little decent way of living as they are able to feel also the comforts of the material world. An auditorium is also built and a barangay library which is to serve for the socialization, sports and educational activities of the place. The young men and ladies of the place find their time most in playing some games and sports in these sites thereby developing themselves physically. A barangay fiesta is also being held annually which started in the year 1991 and still being continued up to this time. As to date, the barangay has a population of 318 with an area of 80.0144.

Through the years, Mabanengbeng 1st has been building its name to the rest of the barangays of Bacnotan and has established an identity of being a peaceful barangay with people who are very cooperative and supportive the envisioned programs and projects of the place for a better and more progressive barangay in the next millennium.