Barangay Profiles


Barangay Officials

  • Barangay Chairman: Romeo P. Almoite
  • Kagawad:
    1. Ventura N. de Vera
    2. Carmen A. Ochoco
    3. Brigida T. Saltiban
    4. Lito A. Pagar
    5. Enrique P. Almoite
    6. Mario B. Dacumos
    7. Orfelino C. Almoite
  • SK Chairman: 
  • Secretary: Rosemarie U. Cobre
  • Treasurer: John A. Cabiladas


Land Area:  173.47 hectares

Population:  731

No. of Households: 162

IRA: Php 1,162,514.27


During the early days of Spanish occupation in the Philippines, Barangay Bacsil has no name yet. It was only baptized when of the residents got mad of the food prepared for his lunch.This man was very selective when it comes to food that he is going to partake. Whenever he took his meal, he always wanted that there is fish or meat prepared in the table. He doesn't like one dish alone especially if he got tired from his works in the field. Much more if it is a simple or plain "dinengdeng". One time, because the wife has nothing to cook except for the seed of the string beans and it is so happened that the husband was too tired again, upon seeing the food prepared in the table, he got mad immediately. He shouted his wife and said "I don't like this buksil (seed of string beans), you better throw this food , i don't like to eat". In short, the two quarreled and the whole family did not take their lunch anymore. That day, the event spread out in the barangay. They nicknamed that man with Buksil. One time, when the residents gathered together for the election of their leader, this man has the highest votes. So he led the barangay for so many years and when he died, the residents decided to name the barangay with Bucsil. Later it was rebaptized when one foreigner pronounced its name as Bacsil. this is how barangay Bacsil got its name. 

Barangay bacsil is one of the original barangays of Bacnotan. The barangay residents together with the Barangay Baroro who first organized resistance against the Japanese invaders that landed in the north in their advance southward to Manila. Many of the residents witnessed the death of young soldiers and even some of the trainees that includes from residents of the barangay.