Barangay Profiles


Barangay Officials

  • Barangay Chairman: Pedro B. Espejo
  • Kagawad:
    1. Concisa M. Hernandez
    2. Samuel B. Espina
    3. Dante A. Cariaso
    4. Renato P. Bondoc
    5. Romeo G. Nebres Sr.
    6. Beatriz E. Buccat
    7. Arnel A. Suyat
  • SK Chairman: 
  • Secretary: Arlene N. Quindoyos
  • Treasurer: Janet E. Mendoza


Land Area:  170.02 hectares

Population:  3,783

No. of Households:  655

IRA:  Php 2,678,488.00


During the Spanish Regime, General Salcedo called the attention of Casadores of Bacnotan to formed Barrios. Each Barrio has their own Cabesa or known as Leaders, the formation was conducted and headed by Don Senon Luarca and Don Isidro Dacanay. At this event, the Cabesa's selected one Barrio to be the Centro called as "Ili" which composes the market, the church and the cementerio.

The Mercado Publico or Public Market as it was then referred to where most business activities are being conducted was located at present time Bacnotan National high School. The Public Cemetery was the located south of Bacnotan District Hospital which was then covered into Mini-Forest and the PNR station was then located at the back of the newly constructed Public Market. There are five (5) sitios of Ili. They are Sitio Cabugaan, Puag, Aging, Rissing and Paratong wherein the latter is prominent. There was once a lighthouse at Sitio Aging to guide fishermen out in the sea to the shore which was eventually broke down due to the passage of time.

In 19th century the Cabesas or the Leaders appointed one head to be the Tenyente del barrio, it was the Paulino DeleƱa the Tenyente del Barrio of Ili who is responsible for the general welfare of the community.

With the evolution of time, the political aspect of the society had changed and that barrios were considered as the backbone of the nation wherein to perform government functions such as to provide health and safety and other convenience of the community.

Considering the changes on political aspect, Tenyente del Barrio was then changed to barrio Lieutenant or known as the Barrio Captain with the Barrio council. Appointment was then eliminated and election was conducted. The following were the Barrio Lieutenant of Ili: Placido Nebres.

It was 1974, the name Ili was changed to Barangay Poblacion so with Barrio Captain to Barangay Captain or the Punong Barangay. The following were the elected Barangay Captains from 1960's to present: Saling Tuazon, Aurelio Carbonell, Eustaquio Suyat, Honesto Alcid, Aurelio Gaudia and Virgilio C. Antolin.

At present Barangay Poblacion has an area of 170.02 hectares with 2, 854 population. Fishing, farming and commerce were one of the many sources of livelihood of its inhabitants.