Barangay Profiles


Barangay Officials

  • Barangay Chairman: Cesar P. Almoite
  • Kagawad:
    1. Reynaldo L. Gaudia
    2. Emilia B. Gaudia
    3. Olimpio M. Gaudia Jr.
    4. Gisma R. Gaudia
    5. Pablo P. Gaudia
    6. Josephine E. Acosta
    7. Angelberto D. Licudan
  • SK Chairman: 
  • Secretary: Laina B. Hipolito
  • Treasurer: Josephine M. Bucsit


Land Area:  153.36 hectares

Population:  1,376

No. of Households:  258

IRA:  Php 1,422,167.21


According to the folks this is the history of Barangay Tammocalao.

In the early days, there are groups of people who always want to see those beautiful migratory birds which they called it  “KALAW” near the seashore of China Sea. As the groups were passed by, there are people asking them “where are you going?”, were going to look for the beautiful big beak birds. Can we join with you, they asked, sure come and let us view their lovely colors.

It seems these birds are having their show or TAMPOK in Tagalog Language. From time to time people are coming into witness these beautiful, lovely beak birds. These people are entertained and enjoyed by these birds and decided to live in these place nearby the seashore. Since these birds show (TAMPOK) they organized and decided therefore to called that place TAMMOCALAO.