Barangay Profiles


Barangay Officials

  • Barangay Chairman: Benedicto G. Dacanay
  • Kagawad:
    1. Milagros B. Agasen
    2. Lani C. Ancheta
    3. Rolly G. Condino
    4. Romulo S. Dacanay
    5. Armando G. Vergara
    6. Juvenal B. Buccat
    7. Renato G. Vergara
  • SK Chairman:
  • Secretary: Angelina M. Carig
  • Treasurer: Maxima C. Julaton


Land Area:  218.57 hectares

Population:  732

No. of Households:  149

IRA:  Php 1,109,748.70


It was many, many years ago, in place near the mountains, there existed a community noted for its abundance of wild life (wild animals, plants, bees, birds, etc.) commonly seen flying and soaring in the horizon are birds commonly called “Saosaoit”. This place used to be peaceful and quite, filled with the sound of dinging birds buzzing bees and it was still sparsely populated.

But as years passed by, the place was slowly invaded by people from different places and origin; and as a result of the influx of people in this place, these wild lives were driven away to the mountainous and more forested parts. It was only a matter of time that the residents could only observe a few of then specially the birds called “Saosaoit”.

In order to keep and preserve the birds in the memories and minds of residents and of the coming generations, the residents named the community “Bussaoit”. It also served as a reminder that this place was once the abode of many different species of birds.

The “Saosaoit” birds are now included among the rare and endangered species.