Bacnotan has established a more responsive and accountable local government structure instituted by Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991. It has evolved as a service-oriented local government unit that values its clients and partners by effectively addressing their needs at all times. In order to realize its goals, LGU Bacnotan’s strategic direction is anchored on a quality management system that involves understanding and monitoring its core products and services, its stakeholders and interested parties, and the external and internal issues that are of concern to the Local Government Unit and its interested parties.


Bacnotan as premier honey producer, agri-industrial and tourism hub of the region with environment-friendly, innovative and resilient citizenry under good governance by 2030.


We are deeply committed to develop and promote Bacnotan as premier agri-industrial and tourism hub of the region with environmental-friendly, innovative and resilient citizenry under good governance.

Core Values

The Local Government Unit of Bacnotan is an organization where values coupled with guiding principles, are the foundation of all chosen actions and decisions.

1. Good Governance
We work as stewards of God and the Community.

2. Environment-Friendly
We value God's gifts from ridge to reef and everything above and below.

3. Resilience
We focus of positive results.

4. Innovation
We invest in pioneering and differentiating ideas as we set standards for excellence among our peers and above our equals.

Service Pledged

We, the officials and employees of LGU Bacnotan do hereby pledge to:
A – Act, behave and be an exemplary model of true public by serving our clienteles with utmost courtesy, efficiency and dedication
I – Instill in our minds and in our hearts the essence of public service by adhering to the constitutional provision that, “A public office is a public trust.”
M – make it a golden rule value the virtues of self-discipline, magnanimity in our actions and professional integrity in performing our mandated duties and responsibilities
H – have faith and confidence in our capabilities to do our assigned tasks without fear or favor to gain the trust and respect of the general public
I – implore the guidance of the Divine Providence to light our path as we strive to respond to the demands of our work
G – go for glory and honor to uplift the image of the institution that we serve and the town that we embrace and love as our own
H – Hold high our vision and mission to make our workplace an ideal frontline of transparent public service with the interest of the general public first and foremost thus we shall attend to all applicants or requesting parties who are within the premises of the office prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break

Inspired by this pledge, we commit ourselves to aim high in providing prompt, courteous and efficient services to the general public based on the principle of accountability and transparency.